Emma Muscat Releases New Song Entry For Malta In Eurovision 2022


We finally have Malta’s official song entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 😍✨


Emma announced she is changing her Eurovision entry song for Monday morning during an exclusive interview on TVAM.


The song is called ‘I Am What I Am’ and you can listen to it here!


“In May, I will be representing Malta with the song… I Am What I Am,” she said in the interview.



“The day after the song contest, discussions started with our label. We also heard feedback from the public with many wishing for a new, better song. That the current one wasn’t the ‘maximum’ for the competition,” she explained.


Emma had previously won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest just last month with her song ‘Out of Sight’.


The new song will replace this winning song as Malta’s entry for the ESC 2022 taking place in Turin Italy this May.