Elon Musk Advises Using Signal Over WhatsApp Following New Update


The famous face behind Tesla and SpaceX, who is now also named the richest man in the world, advised people to start using Signal instead of WhatsApp, following a new privacy update.



Just like WhatsApp or Telegram, Signal is an instant messaging software application, which uses extreme encryption to protect the communications and data of its users.



And if you’re wondering what we’re talking about, you’ve probably received a notification to accept the new privacy policy for WhatsApp – Facebook also seems to make its messaging services more integrated.



Naturally, these changes have made several users uncomfortable and upset, who do not like the idea of some of their data being shared with advertisers. In fact, Signal has skyrocketed with over 100,000 users downloaded the app.



Signal received so many requests for installation that it caused the platform to momentarily crash, so the verification codes for its download were delayed. However, this was quickly solved and users should now no longer have problems.


Signal Private Messenger - Apps on Google Play


Signal is available for both iOS and Android and has been recommended by personalities like Edward Snowden and Jack Dorsey. The application also has no advertisements, sellers, or affiliates.

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