Elliot Page Opens Up About His Identity & Where He’s Headed From Here


‘Umbrella Academy’ star Elliot Page has recently opened up about his identity and is being featured on the front cover of Time Magazine, after recently coming out as transgender and now, is ready to share their journey with the world…



The front cover displayed Eliot alongside the words ‘I am fully who I am’ and in the interview, Page opened up about how he became an actor at the tender age of 10, causing him to be in the spotlight and in the public eye for most of his life.



Consequently, this kind of exposure caused him to suffer from depression and panic attacks due to the pressure he felt for him to look a certain way, while he felt completely different on the inside.


Elliot Page on His Identity and Where He Goes From Here | Time


Page also spoke about his decision to come out, which was affected by his time in isolation due to the ongoing pandemic. By having so much time to focus on himself and his identity, he was inspired by other trans icons like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox to embrace his true self, and ‘letting [myself] become who I truly am.’


Ultimately, Elliot described the process as ‘ongoing’ as well as “a complicated journey.” He concluded by expressing how good it felt for him to cut his hair short after coming out and how excited he is to act “in this body.”

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