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ELG Raising Employees’ Wages To Inflation


Prices are going up and the Eden Leisure Group is keeping in touch with reality.


Eden Leisure CEO, Simon De Cesare, officially announced that the company will be increasing their employees’ wages as of 2023. This is being done to combat the rise in living costs that we’ve all been hearing about.



The raise will apply to all employees that have been working for at least a year with the company. This includes almost all of ELG’s businesses, including 89.7 Bay, Eden SuperBowl, Eden Cinemas, Cynergi Health & Fitness Club, InterContinental Malta, and Holiday Inn Express.


Employees that earn up to €26,000 annually will get a 10% increase, while those earning more than this will get a 5% increase.


ELG is well aware of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and how it has affected people across the islands, including its employees. This pay raise is aimed to keep its over 700 employees motivated instead of discouraging them.  



As the inflation crisis persists, and prices continue to soar, ELG will continue to think long-term and prioritise its employees’ wellbeing.


Hopefully, more companies will be following suit and think of their employees when introducing new initiatives.


What do you think of this initiative?