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Eden Leisure Group Going Green With Their Newest Campaign: ‘Go-Green Week’


Eden Leisure Group’s Go Green Week is a prime example for all businesses!


Earlier today, Kate DeCesare, Director of Operations at Eden Leisure Group, welcomed the Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Aaron Farrugia to announce the company’s newest initiative: the Go Green Week.


For a full week from the 15th of September, ELG will be organising a number of green activities across all their departments, and with their employees.



Eden Cinemas will be dedicating 1 screen for the full week to show many different environmental films to the public free of charge. Only a €1 donation will be collected per person to go towards a green fund!


An info and awareness campaign will be live on-air and on all of ELG’s departments’ socials throughout the week aimed at sharing tips on how to be more eco friendly in our routine decisions.



Several beach and underwater cleanups are also being organised throughout the week, including beaches such as Ghadira, Golden Bay, Spinola and St. George’s Bay.


There will also be a used book drive to redistribute collected second-hand books to Inspire charity shops and many other initiatives internally to push for a more well-rounded, green workplace.



ELG started the Go Green Week to raise awareness about our environment and what each of us can do as individuals to make a difference. “We believe that every small action we take can contribute to a bigger change for the better,” Kate DeCesare said while at the press conference.


“We hope this will inspire individuals as well as other local businesses to push for more sustainable practices and habits,” DeCesare continued.


Eden Leisure Group’s initiative is supported by the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, and the Saving Our Blue campaign.