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Eleven die as skydiving plane crashes in Hawaii

Eleven people on board a twin-engine aircraft used for a skydiving jump have died in a crash in Hawaii.

There were no survivors in the crash of the King Air plane on Oahu’s North Shore, the Hawaii Department of Transport said.

The crash occurred near the small Dillingham Airfield, an airport on the North Shore.

Officials said the passengers were due to take part in a tandem skydive.

The aircraft was operated by the Oahu Parachute Center.

Stevene Tickemyer was in the area and saw the plane nose dive just before the crash. He ran toward the flames, hoping against hope there were survivors.

He said: ‘Me and some other dudes started screaming and asking for anything, like if anyone is in there say something,” he said. “But we weren’t getting a response.’

Those killed in the crash included a married couple from Colorado and a 28-year-old Oregon man.