Egypt’s Suez Canal Blocked For The Second Time This Year


Boats have been blocked from entering the Suez Canal for the second time this year after a container ship reportedly ran around.


Article: The Ever Given and the Blockage of the Suez Canal: What Next?


Local media revealed the vessel became stuck at around the 54km point in Egypt’s canal. The Suez Canal Authority was forced to temporarily suspend navigation while work to free the ship was ongoing.



According to Al-Ain, four ships were stopped inside the canal going towards Suez from Port Said. Sky News Arabia then shared that the vessel was successfully re-floated shortly after and the channel was reopened.


Suez Canal


The ship involved was the Coral Crystal, a Panama-flagged bulk carrier built in 2012.



This comes after the Ever Given – one of the largest container ships ever – got stuck in the canal for six days last March, prompting chaos in worldwide shipping.


An airial view taken 31 December 2007 shows the southern entrance of Egypt's Suez Canal. Transit fees for ships using Egypt's Suez Canal will increase in 2008 by an average of 7.1 percent, the canal authority said on 31 December. AFP PHOTO/JACK GUEZ (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images)


Grounding the ship cost companies billions as goods failed to ship around the world. Specialist teams worked for nearly a week on the operation to clear the blockage. One rescue worker even regretfully died.



The canal authority is now working on a multi-billion-dollar project to widen sections of the canal in hopes that it can prevent large ships from becoming blocked again.

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