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Eden Leisure Group Raises Over €4000 At Pop-Up Thrift Shop

eden leisure group thrift shop

The Eden Leisure Group held a Pop-Up Thrift Shop at the InterContinental Malta hotel earlier this month as part of its efforts to promote sustainability, raising almost €4,000 for charity. The money was divided between two main non-governmental organizations, Inspire Malta and MSPCA.



The Eden Leisure Group collected over half a tonne of discarded clothing from their employees and their friends and families as part of an attempt to prevent clothing from landfills and to aid the community. MSPCA and Inspire Malta also provided donations, and the Pop-Up Thrift Shop was refilled throughout the day with new products.


eden leisure group thrift shop


Following the success of their first pop-up thrift shop in September, this holiday-themed event allows consumers to choose more sustainable gifts this year. It included a large assortment of winter and party wear, including several major brands and vintage pieces.



Customers flocked to the Cettina De Cesare Hall at InterContinental Malta before doors opened at 10 a.m., ready to snag their favorite vintage goods! A raffle was also held, in which consumers could enter to win a voucher to spend at MSPCA and Inspire Malta’s charity stores located throughout the island.