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Eden Leisure Group joins the fight against single use plastic

bio degradable straws

Eden Leisure Group are the next to ban plastic straws from their business units Eden Cinemas and Eden Superbowl.

Providing customers with bio-degradable straws instead of plastic ones is their latest initiative to make Malta greener and cleaner.

This is only one of the many initiatives that Eden Leisure has taken on in favour of the environment.

In the past year they’ve had a sand sifting event which was organised together with Zibel. Members from all business units met at Golden Bay and sifted through sand to pick up as many waste as they possibly could.

The company organised a car pooling initiative. Employees were encouraged to carpool their way to and from work to reduce carbon emissions in Malta’s streets.

They also had a Meatless Monday organised throughout their offices, where employees were encouraged to ditch the meat for one day and eat food which was not meat based.

Well done to Eden Leisure Group and all the team. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next.