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Ed Sheeran’s music ‘makes kids happy’, says study

Ed Sheeran is the most popular singer among kids aged 7 to 17, according to new research into music and well-being.

The survey of 1,001 children was published by Youth Music, a charity investing in music-making projects for young people.

Four in 10 of those questioned said music made them feel good, while 85 percent said it made them feel happier.

Matt Griffiths from the charity said: ‘Young people are using music as a resource to draw on, a coping mechanism to support their personal well-being.’

The research also showed that listening to music is young people’s favourite hobby – ahead of sport, drama, and dance.

More than 97 percent had listened to music in the last week and 67 percent of young people reported engaging in some form of music-making activity.