Ed Sheeran turns his music riches into property

Ed Sheeran has reportedly spent almost €50 million investing in the property market.

The Shape Of You singer, 28, is said to have bought 18 flats in Suffolk and London, as well as a restaurant in the city’s trendy Notting Hill.

Speaking to The Sun, a financial expert said: ‘He’s been incredibly shrewd by ploughing his money into property. And by focusing on London, where the market is still growing, he can charge top whack to renters.

‘There’s every chance tenants are unaware they are handing money over to a multi-millionaire singer.’

Sheeran, who is worth an estimated £80million, has reportedly bought two flats near Shoreditch for £1.45 million, six apartments in Hammersmith for £5.6 million, three homes in Holland Park for 7.7 million, and two houses in Chiswick £3.7 million.

He also recently bought a house and a restaurant in Notting Hill for £21.3 million, while he owns four houses in his Suffolk estate worth an estimated £2.8 million.

Ed has bought the flats and houses through Maverick Properties, which he set up four years ago with his manager Stuart Camp.