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Ed Sheeran Announced His New Album, ‘=’


Ed Sheeran has announced the release of his fifth studio album, = (pronounced equals), on October 29th.


Sheeran had teased the album with a chrysalis image, and the album cover itself included butterflies. While on vacation with his family, he claimed the photo signifies “new life” on Instagram Live.



“I’ve been through, over the last four years, different experiences in life, including getting married, having a kid, losing a friend”, the singer said.



Sheeran claimed he shortlisted 14 tracks from a far wider list in a “painful process” before releasing the album. “They all have their place – I love it, I think it’s the best piece of work I’ve done, it’s cohesive and it feels great,” he added.”



Bad Habits, the album’s lead song, also earned a No 1 spot on Bay’s Top 40. On September 10th, the next single from ‘=’ will be released.