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Easing Of Lockdown Measures: This Is How Europe Woke Up Today


Malta was not the only European Country to wake up to a new normal, as commercial activity has resumed again, with various conditions, including the wearing of face masks.

After eight weeks of strict lockdown, being the first European country to implement such a drastic measure, Italy is finally easing some of its measures today. People can visit their relatives, parks have reopened and bars and restaurants can now offer takeaway service.

More than 4 Million People are estimated to have returned to work today, with protective masks being made mandatory on public transport.



A country which has been equally hit as hard as Italy, Spain has from today allowed small businesses such as hair salons to reopen, serving only clients with appointments. Meanwhile, the Spanish Islands will be loosening their restrictions further, as they have not been affected as badly as the mainland.

Zoos, museums and hairdressers have reopened in Germany, with some students also returning to school. In Austria all schools have reopened, while in Hungary, schools will remain closed for the time being, but senior examinations are taking place.

Poland has also opened it Libraries, Hotels, Museums and Shops, with hairdressers, restaurants and playgrounds still closed.


Photos: Getty Images