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EA’s The Sims 4 Announces First Pack For 2021


The Sims 4 has dropped its first pack for the new year, and it seems spooky!



The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack was initially teased last week and is an expansion pack that adds haunted houses to the game through a new lot! If you stay in a haunted house, Sims may have to cope with mischievous ghosts wreaking havoc.



Sims can also host a séance to communicate with the dead and take on a new career as a paranormal investigator. Elsewhere, a new Medium skill and a variety of new items, hairstyles, and clothing are also added.


Fan favourite Bonehilda returns in The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff pack | Rock Paper Shotgun


And the best part? Skeletal maid Bonehilda makes her long-awaited first appearance since the Sims 3: Supernatural. Players can summon her to help around the house, and she can be seen in the background in the trailer!




This new pack will be released on January 26th. EA shared, ‘This somewhat flirty apparition offers the secrets to serenity. Under his tutelage, learn how to appease the specters ruining a good night’s sleep. Some specters are playful, other mischievous, and a few are downright ornery. If they leave accursed objects behind, try to tidy up and remove them.’


Sims 4 new Paranormal Stuff Pack: Bonehilda returns, new career and more


It continued, ‘Offer gifts or attempt communicating with the specters to try and please them. If they’re satisfied, Sims might get a present in return as the specter fades away. Otherwise, it’s time to turn to the séance table.’


We can’t lie, this one looks promising!