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Here’s how you could start earning some cash through YouTube

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If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a YouTuber here in Malta, now is the perfect time to do it, because as of the 14th of March, you can now start earning money off of your YouTube videos.

With YouTube now paying Maltese vloggers, here’s how you can start earning a bit of cash on the side, or perhaps say bye bye to your boss.

1. Those annoying ads before a video are about to become your best friend

You will get paid for every time someone clicks on the ads before the start of your video (rollout ads), and for every time they click on those banner adverts that pop up in the middle of your videos (banner-type).

2. There are requirements to be met

In order to be able to make money off of YouTube, you will need a minimum of 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and a total of 1000 subscribers. Once you’ve got these minimum requirements, you can enable the monetization feature.

3. Sort out your settings

In order for this to happen, you need to enable the monetization feature from your regular YouTube account, and connect that account to a Google AdSense one.

Now you’re all set to start making money per click.

4. Grow your audience to roll in that cash

There’s no known recipe for success when it comes to growing your audience, but you do need people to watch the ads prior to your videos in order to make any sort of money off of them.

So our advice to you is, produce quality content, things that people want to see. Post often enough to keep your followers happy and share your videos on socials for them to reach as many people as possible.

5. Check those analytics

Once you’ve got all of this sorted, it’s time to start tracking your progress and how your videos have been performing. In the analytics option of your channel menu, you can see the estimated earnings of your video, the ad performance and video views.

We’re not promising you that you can quit your full time job and become a full time vlogger, as to do that you’ll need a million views on all videos with roll out ads, but if the dedication is there and you really want to do it, who’s stopping you?