€2m EU Funds For The Rehabilitation And Digitization Of The Maritime Museum


Heritage Malta are currently carrying out infrastructural and digital documentation works at The Maritime Museum. This project, which will cost around €2 million, is being co-financed by European funds.

The project will involve infrastructural works being carried out onsite, including extensive rehabilitation works in order to repair structural damage and rehabilitate unused areas in order to create further spaces accessible to the public.



Minister Jose Herrera stated that this museum is of particular importance to Malta since our country is renowned for its maritime industry and as a result we have in our possession numerous maritime artifacts.

He said that Heritage Malta nowadays has a Maritime Archaeology Unit within its remit and explained that the Maritime Museum will be mapping the location where maritime artefacts and the remains of ships were found. He explained that a Punic-era ship was recently discovered and they intend to lift it from the seabed and exhibit it.



Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi stated that through the investment of two million euros, co-financed by European funds under the EEA fund and Norwegian Grants, this project of the Malta Maritime Museum will have the necessary resources to invest in the digitization of the exhibited artefacts which will assist in the research and preservation of the artefacts. This process, together with various restoration works, will lead to a larger facility and further spaces to be used for exhibitions.

The digitization process will involve the setting up of a database for the national collection, which will be virtually accessible to the public. Thus, a number of digitization equipment such as 3D scanners, drones and 360-degree videography are being purchased in order to digitize around 3000 important artefacts found in this museum.

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