WATCH: €250,000 Collected So Far in Community Chest Fund Telethon


€250,000, and counting, have been collected so far during ‘Ghinuna Nghinukom’ the special telethon being organised by the Community Chest Fund to raise the much-needed funds, which are needed by the Foundation to continue providing assistance to all those who turn to it for help, especially for medical treatments.



The telethon which started at midday on all TV stations is being organised due to the fact that the Foundation’s fundraising events were affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, as event such as Rockestra and the Fun Run cannot be held, given the current circumstances.



When he was visiting the premises yesterday, H.E. Dr George Vella, President of Malta, thanked all those who are taking part and those who organised this telethon in such a short time.



“As has been said many times, if we do not put money in the coffers, we will have nothing to hand out, and the costs are too big,” His Excellency said, adding that “we do understand that the income of workers, companies, and everyone else is limited, but I still believe that one must keep in mind that COVID should not eliminate the need for us to contribute to this fund, because the fund will continue to help.”


Emozzjonajtuni. Inħeġġek biex, anki int, tagħmel il-parti tiegħek. Grazzi!

Publiée par The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation sur Dimanche 20 septembre 2020



In an interview with Bay News earlier this week, Mrs Vella told us that Today’s telethon was completely unplanned in that it was not in the calendar of events for this year, adding that “the current circumstances have led us to organise something, and organise it quickly, in the hope that we raise enough funds to see us through until Christmas. I hope this will be a one-off.”



Mrs Vella also took the opportunity to appeal to the people of Malta and Gozo, for their generosity, not with her and with H.E. Dr George Vella, President of Malta, but to help all those who really need help, and the Foundation’s Assistance.