€1M To Be Donated To Domestic Violence Victims’ Homes


The Government has committed itself to donate one million euros in three years to local homes of domestic violence victims – Dar Merħba Bik and Dar Santa Bakhita of Ħal Balzan.



This comes after an agreement was reached between the Solidarity and Social Justice, Family and Children’s Rights Ministry, and Dar Merħba Bik administration.




The head of the Dar Merħba Bik foundation services, Elaine Pavia, revealed that the agreement will provide the opportunity to continue with the social work, as initiated by the Bon Pastur Nuns, who have been in Malta for 160 years.



Dar Merħba Bik offers shelter to 14 families, while Dar Santa Bakhita welcomes three families. Services that strengthen the skills of domestic violence victims before they return to society are also provided in both homes.


Naturally, the funds are expected to be used wisely by the homes.

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