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€15,000 Donated to Provide Computers and Tablets to Children in Malta in Need of Them

€15,000 have been donated from the Citizenship by Investment Programme to help students in need of a computer, laptop or tablet so that they can continue with their online learning.

The donation, amounting to €15,000, was presented by the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities Alex Muscat to the Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici.

Minister Bonnici said that, “in the circumstances that we are currently facing, we do not wish to see any student suffer unjustly as a result of what we are going through.  Teaching has continued online but we saw that there are some students who did not have internet access at home and there were others who did not even have a computer to continue doing their work on.

“We want to alleviate the hardship these children are passing through so that they are able to continue learning.”

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat shares, “We are committed to contributing over €15,000 in funds, directly provided from the Citizenship by Investment scheme, for the purchase of technological equipment used for educational purposes. Let’s give these children the same opportunity to learn as everyone else.”

The Ministry for Education and Employment already saw that the distribution of lunches to children that are part of Scheme 9 continues. Apart from giving a month’s worth of his ministerial pay as a donation, Minister Owen Bonnici also urged private companies to offer their assistance to loan computers, laptops and tablets to the Ministry for Education so that they are given to children who need them.