€150 Fine If Anyone Gets Caught Dumping Waste next to iBiNs – GreenPak


In a post on Social Media, GreenPak Coop advised that Recyclable Material Cannot be Disposed of next to iBiNs as fines will be incurred.



In fact, it explains, even by posting photos of examples and the fines issued, that residents who will be caught, via CCTV, carelessly disposing of waste around the iBiN sites will be fined €150, with contraventions being issued by LESA.



There are some 800 iBiNs installed around Malta and Gozo, all of which are equipped with smart technology that enables anyone to recycle 24/7 and are meant to spell an end to overflowing bring-in sites.

These are not common skips, as they have the capability to monitor waste levels and feed information back to a central system that enables GreenPak’s recycling service to prioritise and customise collection routes in the localities which it serves across the Maltese Islands.



Prior to visiting one of the iBiN sites users are to check via a Web App, which points to the nearest available iBiNs. On selecting the colour-coded image of the iBiN the app informs the users whether the iBiN has free space. If the bin is full, the app will then guide the user to the nearest available iBiN via a Google Map interface.

Therefore, next time you need to throw away recyclables, use the app, and avoid receiving a hefty fine in the mail.



As can be seen in these images, GreenPak is not just referring to large pieces of cardboard or large glass containers, but even those recyclables which we put aside in small grocery-shop plastic bags.



And also think twice before thinking the cameras won’t spot you at night!

We support any enforcement measures that lead towards a better environment for the common good, GreenPak said in the post.