€100 Vouchers To Be Distributed Next Week – Minister Silvio Schembri Confirms

As of next week, the €100 vouchers promised to residents in Malta over the age of 16 will start being distributed, Minister Silvio Schembri confirms.

As of tomorrow, 1st July, every eligible business will receive a letter with an activation code to make sure that the vouchers can be redeemed within their establishment.

Every eligible business will have 5 days to activate their commercial account. The system will show business owners whether the voucher is valid, and will allow the voucher money to be redeemed into the business’ commercial account.

Vouchers can be redeemed at restaurants and establishments that were forced to close during the pandemic.

Those receiving the vouchers will be getting 5 vouchers in total, with a value of €20 each. 4 of those vouchers (€80) can be redeemed at hotels and restaurants and the remaining €20 can be redeemed at shops that were forced to close, like retail shops, hairdressers and nail technicians.