E-Learning Training Scheme Launched For The Tourism Industry


Malta will be the first country to boldly invest in human resources to prepare the tourism the sector for the post-COVID phase.

The Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection, together with the Malta Tourism Authority, during a press conference held earlier today, officially launched a €5 million investment in the tourism industry.

This investment, in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority, will offer a top-level training platform to thousands of workers in the tourism sector.



A public call attracted more than 36 companies, including the University of Malta, ITS and international bodies such as Forbes, UNESCO and a number of international universities and training centres.

The courses offered under this scheme will be free of charge to participants and will be wholly financed by the MTA. The online training courses will address a wide range of skills that are required in the tourism industry. In total, there are 300 accredited courses and around 750 short courses including language courses.

Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli said that from the initial stages the Ministry was hands on deck to safeguard the thousands of jobs in the tourism industry. In fact, 90% of those working in the accommodation and food sector are benefitting from the Covid wage supplement. A quarter of the total number of workers receiving the Covid Wage Supplement work in the tourism sector.


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