Dubai Creates Fake Rain To Combat Scorching Heatwave


Just when we thought we had it bad here in Malta with these 40°C heatwaves over the past month, what we’re experiencing is actually cool autumn compared to what Dubai is going through… In fact, the temperatures have gotten so high that the country has decided to take control over their own weather!


aerial photo of city highway surrounded by high-rise buildings


Reaching scorching highs of 50°C, the United Arab Emirates has invested $15 Million across nine rain- enhancement projects. These investments are all in hopes of increasing the amount of yearly rainfall in the country, which averages at a measly 10 centimetres. One of those nine projects was carried out by the University of Reading who has proposed a techy solution to the issue: Weather Drones!



Why does it seem like any issue nowadays is being solved by drones? Amazon deliveries, food deliveries, security, and now weather control!? How these flying rain-men work is by shooting electric charges at clouds which charges the droplets, making them more likely to fall as rain. As summarised by Keri Nicoll, one of the leading investigators on the project:


“What we are trying to do is to make the droplets inside the clouds big enough so that when they fall out of the cloud, they survive down to the surface.”


This is all cool in theory, with the added benefit of being chemical-free, but does it actually work? Well, check out these videos from Dubai:



Can you even tell these were basically taken in a desert? Me neither. In fact, the system works so well that weather warnings have been popping up on the UAE Weather’s Instagram page, showing that these drones seem to be doing their job quite well!



I’m going to be honest, I’m not a fan of the rain, but having a fleet of these might be handy in Malta just to cool things off every once in a while!

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