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Dubai Based Artist Uses Beaches As His Canvas

A Filipino artist uses Dubai’s beaches as his canvas to draw and paint using just a rake and the sand.




Self-taught artist Nathaniel Alapide is based in Dubai.


Filipino sand artist creates tribute for Hazzaa AlMansoori - News | Khaleej Times


His artwork is an ongoing investigation of the environment around him, specifically beaches.


“I work on something in the morning and by the evening it’s washed away by the tide”


The artist creates large calligraphic slashes across the beaches and deserts, creating gigantic and intricate patterns that are eventually covered by wind or waves.


Incredible sand murals in Dubai by Nathaniel Alapide - What's on


In 2022 Nathaniel was also awarded a Guinness World Record for the ‘largest sand image’


Watch: Filipino in UAE who created the world's largest sand image | Uae – Gulf News


The massive creative project, which took 30 days to complete and spanned distance of more than 250,000 feet.


This record-breaking artist uses the beaches of Dubai as his canvas | CNN