Drink-drive breath test kits handed out in Valletta

Free breathalysers have been handed out on the streets of Valletta to promote this year’s drink-driving crackdown.

A zero tolerance campaign to target Maltese drivers who plan to have a drink at Christmas has been launched by Transport Malta, the Ministry of Health and Malta Police.

Malta’s transport minister Ian Borg said: ‘If you find yourself asking the question, ‘I wonder if I’m OK to drive?’

‘Or if you find yourself trying to calculate if you are under the drink-drive limit, whether that’s after one drink, or the morning after a night out, don’t take the risk.

‘The consequences could be catastrophic.’

Dozens of single-use breath test kits were given free to Christmas shoppers in the capital.

They allow drivers to check their alcohol levels before deciding whether to get behind the wheel.

Dr Borg added: ‘There is zero tolerance for drinking and driving, because it is risking not only the driver’s life, but that of the people around them.’

The breath test kits also contain nine pledges for safer driving.

The pledges are:

  • Don’t drink before driving
  • Don’t use your mobile phone when you drive
  • Always use indicators when changing direction
  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Always stay within speed limit
  • Always be aware of cyclists
  • Always be prudent on the road
  • Children should always have a proper seat in the car
  • Don’t park recklessly

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