Dramatic lightning storm lights up Malta’s night sky

A powerful thunder and lightening storm hit Malta last night – and while it left some homes without power it also provided some stunning visual images that were captured around the island.

Dramatic pictures flooded social media, showing lighting bolts across the skyline in both Malta and Gozo.

Photographer Sam Scicluna captured a series of stunning shots, including an incredible image of lightning bolts surrounding Mdina.

He said: ‘A huge storm system hit the Maltese Islands at about midnight and continued to grow, almost in the same position, for over four hours.

‘This was the last shot of the night, and one I had been planning and hoping to capture for ages’

‘I have been out countless time, to try capture lightning with Mdina in the foreground and tonight I finally managed. Thank you Mother Nature!’

The storm came as Malta’s volatile weather continued with the Met Office in Luqa warning of flash floods, more lightning and even a risk of hail in places.

Luqa saw around 50mm of rain in the last 24 hours, with 44mm recorded in Dingli.

Forecasters predicted that more thunderstorms are likely this week.

Conditions should improve by the weekend, with mainly sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday.

Andrea Muscat from Gozo Weather Page on Facebook said: ‘The chance of rain is highest on Tuesday afternoon.

‘During this time we expect at least one thunderstorm which will be heavy, blustery and also possibly with hail at times.

‘A few isolated showers will occur from time to time as well.

‘Total rainfall amounts will range between 15 mm and 30 mm with higher amounts being possible.’

‘More bad weather is to be expected overnight into Wednesday.’

Stay tuned to 89.7 Bay for all the latest on the weather.

What a Night! A huge storm system hit the Maltese Island at about midnight and continued to grow, almost in the same…

Publiée par Samuel Scicluna Photography sur Lundi 1 octobre 2018

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