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Dr. Lydia Abela Appointed As President Of Special Olympics Malta


The executive board of Special Olympics has decided to appoint Prime Minister Robert Abela’s wife, Dr. Lydia Abela, as the President of Special Olympics Malta!


Dr Lydia Abela tinħatar President ta’ Special Olympics Malta

Il-bord eżekuttiv ta’ Special Olympics ħatar lil mart…

Posted by Special Olympics Malta on Thursday, March 25, 2021


The National Director of Special Olympics Malta, Anna Calleja, has shared that it’s an absolute honour to have Dr. Abela join the large family of Special Olympics Malta.



Calleja added, ‘I look forward to giving every athlete as much space as possible so that each and every one of them can develop their own potential individually.’


Not to mention, this is also an exciting yet demanding time for Special Olympics Malta, as next year, Malta will be the host for the Special Olympics international games.


In a meeting with athletes and parents, Dr. Abela shared that she was honoured to be working with the excellent Special Olympics team and that she will be working hard to invest in our talented athletes!