Double rainbows add a splash of colour to Malta’s skies

The skies above Malta and Gozo were a glorious riot of colour on Tuesday.

Loads of you were quick to share snaps of the vibrant double rainbows which appeared above the Maltese Islands.

There may be no such thing as a pot of gold, but it was a great way start to the day for thousands of commuters heading to work.

The magnificent double rainbows appeared in the gloomy skies over Malta and Gozo after stormy weather brought heavy rain on Tuesday morning.

The skies eventually cleared for a while, giving rise to the spectacular weather phenomenon.

Here’s a selection of your best rainbow photos from Tuesday morning.


Marsalforn by Joseph Zammit



Xlendi by Janina Gatt


Gharb by Andrea Muscat



Xemxija by Anna Zalewska



Qawra by Salt Sand and Sunshine



St Paul’s Bay by Catherine Learmount



Coast Road by Stefan Sciberras

Victoria by Francesca Camilleri


Luqa by Lin C


Anchor Bay by Francesco Sultana


Birzebbuga by Karl Fenech


Manikata by Natasa Valderama

According to Maltese Islands Weather, rainbows appear when sunlight passes through a raindrop causing it to be refracted, or bent.

Double rainbows, also known as ‘rainbow hats’, occur when a secondary rainbow forms outside of a primary rainbow.

As light passes through a raindrop, it is refracted at different angles, displaying a bright spectrum of colours from red to violet – a rainbow.