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Don’t Throw Away Your Unused COVID-19 Government Vouchers Before Reading This


SiGMA Foundation and Forestals have teamed up with RUBS to collect unused COVID-19 Vouchers to charities in need.

If you have one, two, or all your vouchers that are not being used then follow these easy steps to find out just how you can help.

Step 1: Put your unused Red Government vouchers in an envelope
Step 2: Write “Sharing is Caring” on the envelope and drop off/send by post to ANY Forestals outlets (Sliema, Luqa, Valletta or Mriehel.)
Step 3: All the vouchers will be collected and distributed to NGOs such as Fondazzjoni Sebh. This means that the vouchers will be put to good use and feed those in need. The first level of assistance will be directed towards this women’s shelter for mothers & their children who experienced domestic violence.
Step 4: These vouchers can then be used anywhere on the island where they are accepted. However, to incentivise on the situation, the lovely people behind this great initiative will be earmarking certain eateries that have accepted to double up on the value of the voucher, meaning that a €20 voucher will be exchanged for €40 worth of food.
So far more than €1000 worth of vouchers has been collected with the final target being €5000!
“Using the voucher is your divine right, but please, do not let them go to waste. This is a community effort where we can show the value of collective strength,” one of the organisers told Bay. We think that the Maltese people will once again show how one of the smallest countries in the world has the biggest heart!