Dogecoin Investor Became Millionaire In Two Months & He’s Got Elon Musk To Thank!


A Dogecoin investor said that he become a millionaire just over two months after buying into the cryptocurrency…  And he’s got Elon Musk to thank!



Glauber Contessoto made the leap in February when he bought five million Dogecoins at about 4 cents each and spent the past weeks witnessing his investment skyrocketing.



He is now claiming that he officially become a Dogecoin millionaire in just 69 days (yes, really) since he placed his money on it. Contessoto reached this milestone on April 15 and believes he is the first Dogecoin millionaire of 2021!



The 33-year-old music industry worker’s decision was inspired by the Dogecoin community on Reddit which grew in 2021. He also admitted that he was motivated by Elon Musk, who has emerged as Dogecoin’s most prominent backer.



Recently, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s Twitter feed was drowning with memes and advice about investing in the currency, in which he claimed that in February he bought Dogecoin for his son.

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