Dog With Dementia Leaves Owner Heartbroken After Forgetting Who She Is


A woman was left feeling heartbroken after her elderly dog started showing signs of dementia and forgetting who she is. The poodle, aged between 11 and 13 years old was rescued from a breeding farm and adopted by this woman who showed her what love felt like for the first time.


This woman shared this sad experience on Reddit and said that the poodle was used as a “profit machine” until she could no longer have puppies. “She was the most loving and happy pup once we brought her confidence back.


The dog was rescued from a breeding farm about five years ago (Stock photo)


However, during these last few years, the dog lost the sparkle in her eyes as she started showing signs of dementia. She seemed to forget how to go up and down stairs, jump on the sofa beside her family in the evening and was getting stuck behind furniture and corners.



Sadly, the poodle doesn’t even get excited when her family comes home from work because she probably doesn’t even realise that they left. She added: “She doesn’t respond when we call her name, but is not deaf as she gets startled when our other dog barks.


The woman has questioned her dog's quality of life (Stock photo)


The family are struggling with the situation as the dog looks physically well but doesn’t recognise anybody. Because of this situation, they can’t leave her alone as she has become too unpredictable.



We will never get the happy little poodle back that she used to be. This is it and it will probably get worse. Is it enough for her?”