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Dog Saves Owner’s Life By Noticing Cancer Lump


A 53-year-old woman claimed that her dog saved her life after noticing a cancerous lump in her breast.



Karena Kirk-Drain stated she wouldn’t be alive it if weren’t for her 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Bella-Boo.



Karena’s protective pet started acting strangely on Karena’s late mother’s birthday, and despite being pulled away, she kept wanting to sleep on her chest.


Karena assumed the Bella-Boo was sick as she wouldn’t stop crying for weeks, but veterinarians confirmed that she was well.



Bella-Boo’s manner got strangers when she began licking and jumping on Karena’s chest, causing her discomfort. After examining her injuries, she noticed a lump beneath her skin.


Karena then underwent life-saving treatment and believes the disease would have been missed if it wasn’t for Bella-Boo’s actions.


‘I didn’t think dogs could detect cancer. I thought it was a lot of hoo-ha really, but this proves that they can and how amazing they are.

‘I’m just so lucky to be here — little Bella-Boo saved my life.’