Dog Rescued After 60 Hours Trapped Underground


What a mischievous little one!



After becoming stuck in a maze of underground tunnels, this brave dog is lucky to be alive. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Services managed to rescue Winston, the black cocker spaniel, that had been trapped underground.



Rescuers discovered the unfortunate canine had been stuck underground for over three days when they arrived shortly before midday.


The dog was reportedly out for a walk in Coalville, North West Leicestershire, when it bolted and dashed into a badger’s sett, which is a network of dens and tunnels where badgers live.




According to Leicestershire Live, the owner, identified only as ‘Helen,’ told emergency authorities she was walking her dog when he began to investigate the sett just before it collapsed.


Because badgers and their setts are protected by law, nothing could be done for the pup and his bewildered family for the next 48 hours. Winston had gone off and it wasn’t until she searched for him for more than half an hour that she realized he was trapped underneath.



“Winston’s a working dog, so it’s not strange for him to be off the lead and sniffing at bushes. We’d gone off the tracks but five minutes later I turned around and realised he wasn’t behind me,” she said.


“I retraced my steps and looked for half an hour before going back to get my husband. Alex looked under the tree and saw the holes, so we realised it was a badger’s den.”