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Dog Groomer Transforms Cute Dog Into The Grinch For Christmas


A famous pet groomer has caught everyone’s attention after turning an adorable dog into the Grinch for Christmas.


Gabriel Feitosa, a professional dog groomer from San Diego, spent around three hours transforming Teddy the Bichon into the Grinch with a green fur and a red coat. The four-year-old dog was dyed with vegan, non-toxic hair dye and trimmed with scissors. He described Teddy as the “perfect model” and his owners were absolutely in love with their pooch’s new festive look.


Teddy the Bichon was barely recognisable after his groom


The 29-year-old explained: “I used non-toxic, vegan pet hair dye to bring out the colours. Teddy being a white dog was the perfect model for it and with scissoring, I created shapes to bring the design alive.” He gave Teddy a green head, face, legs, paws and tail and used red dye to create the illusion of a Santa costume.


Gabriel’s skills has turned the heads of thousands of followers on social media. Although there were some that raised some safety question, he confirmed that the products won’t harm the animals and that they are well looked after.


Gabriel is known for his unusual pet transformations


People really love it, some are concerned for not knowing how the process is done and if it is safe but I assure you is completely safe the dyes are developed specifically for pets and all the ingredients on the dye are FDA approved.”