Dog Dies After Consuming Drugs Discarded By Traffickers In Garden


A dog died after ingesting drugs discarded in a garden in Villaggio Brollo di Solaro, a province of Milan, with the dog, Margot, dying after she chewed on the packet.


round yellow medication pill lot


The dog was then rushed to a veterinarian and a considerable amount of drugs was found inside her stomach. The owner, Dante Cattaneo, took to Facebook to condemn the drug traffickers responsible.



Cattaneo explained that someone who must have wanted to escape dumped the drug in his garden, and as a result, the family dog was killed. Cattaneo and his wife are also parents to two children.


low angle photography of brown structure


The owner then appealed to residents in areas where trafficking is known to take place to be on the lookout and protect their animals.



Many people expressed their concerns that the drugs could have ended up in children’s hands, where the tragedy would have magnified considerably.

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