Does Malta actually have a chance of winning the Eurovision this year?

Michela Pace in chameleon

It’s been two days since the release of Michela Pace’s song representing Malta for this year’s Eurovision. For those of you who have been living under a rock and have not yet heard the bopper of a song we are sending to Tel Aviv this year, here you go:



After having heard ‘Chameleon’ a dozen times or so,  the decision taken to choose a winner from the X factor Malta and give them an original song to send to the Eurovision became clearer. And this is reflecting in the comments we’ve been getting on the song and the ranking in the odds.


Things are looking positive

Mere minutes after the song was uploaded on Youtube, comments started flooding in, and we had to search long and hard for a negative comment in there.


The song seems to be liked, and if we’re being honest, lots of people, including most of the Maltese population thought she’d be given a ballad, but we were so glad to find out that it wasn’t the case.



In some people’s eyes, Eurovision 2020 will be held in Malta, and given my 24 years of living wishing and hoping that this moment would finally come, every one of these comments was followed by an internal scream.




It would seem that the only people who had something negative to say about the song were actually the Maltese people, with Ira Losco taking to instagram to share her disappointment on the matter.


How we’re ranking in the odds

Gone are the times where you listen to a Eurovision song for the first time on the big night and make your decision that day. Nowadays, if you haven’t listened to all the songs at least twice before the night, you’re not living on the same planet.


The odds will give you a big indication of how well the songs are liked, but an amazing, or not so amazing of a performance might change everything.


The odds have currently placed us at number 11, but this can all change in the next few weeks.


In the odds that predict which countries are going to place in the top 3, Malta is placed at number 7, and that’s just 2 days after the song’s release.

The odds are in our favour, especially when it comes to passing through to the final. So what might set us apart to actually win this thing?


What we’re going to need is a performance that will wow the countries enough into voting for us instead of their neighbours, much like this guy said right here….

And if we still don’t win after an amazing performance and a banging song, we can always blame the neighbour mentality that has stolen the trophy from us back in 1998, with Chiara’s ‘The One that I love’, in 2002, with Ira Losco’s ‘Seventh Wonder’ and once more in 2005, with Chiara’s ‘Angel’. 


But to end on a more positive note, when Conchita won with ‘Rise like a Phoenix’, she was placed in the 8th place of the odds before the Semi Finals, so there is still hope.


We wish you the best of luck Michela!