Doctor Reveals Why You Should Never Hold In A Fart… And It’s Disgusting


Although it might not be the right time, or place to pass wind, or as we say in Maltese, titfa’ waħda – a NHS doctor revealed the real (and quite grim) reason you should never hold in a fart.

TikTok user Dr.Karan Raj emphasized the importance of releasing gas build-up, claiming that people break-wind 14 times per day on average.



In one of his TikTok videos he stated that “if you hold in a fart too long, it can be reabsorbed into your bloodstream and breathed out when you exhale.”



“If someone tells you they don’t fart, they are lying and you should disown them immediately, or they’ve got a bowel obstruction, which is a medical emergency.”



He added that bacteria in the big intestine cause 75% of farts, where undigested food is eaten up by the bacteria, which make microscopic farts that build up and become one of your usual farts.



“25 per cent of farts are swallowed air that you don’t burp and dissolved gases from the blood making its way into your intestines,” he continued.



Ultimately, this means that your breath could end up smelling pretty bad, so do yourself and those around you a favour… let it go!

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