Doctor Reveals How Much Coffee You Should Actually Be Having Every Day


In this day and age, most of us have a lowkey caffeine addiction at some point in our life… but could coffee be doing us more harm than good?



We all know that caffeine can cause high energy levels and some nasty side effects such as heart palpitations, so it comes as no surprise that doctors and specialists alike will recommend a limit as to how much coffee we should consume per day.


three person holding beverage cups


Clinical Lead Dr. Don Grant explained that while ‘Millions of people start their morning with a cup of coffee’, ‘there is a recommended limit on the amount of caffeine we should ingest on a daily basis and this dictates how many cups of coffee we should be drinking every day’.



The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cites 400mg of caffeine per day as being a safe amount to ingest for healthy adults, which is around four cups according to the NHS. Pregnant women should be having no more than two cups daily’, he added.


coffee beans beside coffee powder on brown wooden board


Obviously though, this depends on cup size… to be more exact, ‘we should be having no more than one venti cup of Starbucks coffee a day’.



And what happens if we ingest too much caffeine in a day, you ask? Dr. Grant explained, ‘Some of the common consequences of caffeine overdose include insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, digestive problems, fatigue and excessive urination’.


Well, there you have it! You can have four cups of coffee and still lead a health life!

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