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DJ ANT Releases First Single “Everyday”


Local DJ Anthony Mifsud, who is more often referred to as DJ Ant, has just released his first Single “Everyday” which is a collaboration with Armada Music.

Everyday is an infectious track that you can blast at full volume with the roof top down on a road trip or on a dance floor, or simply, at home.

DJ Ant tells us that it’s called ‘Everyday’ as it’s a song for every day, every season and every reason – “An effervescent song that guarantees a surge of good energy!”



Who is DJ ANT?

Having started from nothing, Anthony has managed to build a name for himself, not just in the local scene but also on an international level having played in clubs in Italy.



He performed at his first gig at the young age of 12 years old, to a small crowd, nothing compared to the crowds he sees today; considering today he’s played for parties including St Patricks Day Festival, Unite with Tomorrowland, Milan Fashion Week and Summerdaze Festival. Despite his humble nature, ANT resulted to be a Finalist for the Best Rising Star Award 2019.

Although he’s just getting, hes still got big plans to take his career seriously and to expand internationally. That being said, for now his goals are to keep on gaining more experience and more publicity, and to focus on the music production which represents him as a DJ.


Don’t forget to tune in to Malta’s TOP 10 with Jake Mondays at 9pm to see whether Ant’s new track will make it onto the list.