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Disused road in Msida becomes new green area

A disused road in Msida has been transformed into a green area with 460 new indigenous trees.

The grove was formed on land previously occupied by a slip road connecting Regional Road and Msida Valley Road.

This slip road, the site of numerous serious car accidents in the past, was cut off from the network through last summer’s Regonal Road upgrade.

Infrastructure Malta removed the slip road’s asphalt surface and replaced it with over 2,000 tonnes of soil.

The soil had been excavated from other road project sites and stored to be reused for such urban greening projects.


The 460 new trees in this new green area were planted towards the end of the year, as part of Infrastructure Malta’s 2019 initiative to plant 8,700 trees in 40 different roadside locations in Malta.

Infrastructure Malta said it would water and take care of the trees for several years until they are fully established in their new environment.

The new grove includes Aleppo pines, holm oaks, southern nettle trees, Italian cypresses, judas trees, Mediterranean buckthorns, dwarf fan palms, common myrtles, lentisks, bay laurels, hawthorns and strawberry trees.

The new trees were also chosen to complement some pre-existing holm oaks in an adjacent landscaped area.