Disney Introduces Its First-Ever Openly Gay Character In New Movie ‘Onward’

For the past few years, the Walt Disney Co. has been pushing for more inclusivity – they recast the Lion King with black voice actors, Mulan with real live Asians and an openly gay character in a live-action remake of “Beauty and The Beast”.

The Disney-Pixar universe is now introducing their first-ever LGBTQ animated character in the new upcoming film “Onward”.

Pixar opted not to introduce this character from a marketing point of view, because just like every other Pixar movie, they wanted the trailer to speak for itself in order to allow the character to wholly integrate into the Pixar world.

They wanted to make sure that the LGBTQ community fits seamlessly into the Pixar world, and thus into our own. Director Dan Scanlon added that the movie is “a modern fantasy world and we want to represent the modern world”.

The character, Office Spector, is a self-identified lesbian cyclops police officer with a girlfriend and is voiced by Lena Waithe.

The film is set in a magical universe with fantastical citizens that lost their touch to the magical arts and so, two elf brothers embark on a quest to discover if there’s still a little magic left out there.

We hope more filmmakers will continue to bring greater representations in their movies.

“Onward” will hit the Eden Cinemas early this March!


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