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Disabled Duck Learns To Walk With Special Wheel Chair


As much as some humans need the help of a wheelchair to get around, we must not forget about our furry floating friends!



Meet Kiwi, the disabled duck who is learning how to walk again thanks to her special ducky wheelchair! Can we just appreciate how wholesome that is?



Thank you. Anyways… With four wheels strapped to her chest where her front feet would be, Kiwi is slowly re-learning to walk on her own. With enough practice, Kiwi may even be able to fly again!



She doesn’t seem to be alone on this journey either, as her human companion has strapped on a pair of roller skates to help the little duck find her way, guiding and adjusting her along her path to recovery. Again, wholesome!


Kiwi the disabled duck is learning to walk again with the help of her  wheelchair and she has some extra encouragement: gifs


I must admit, Kiwi is looking pretty cool rolling around on her new wheels. All the video needs is a pair of sunglasses on the duck, and Still D.R.E. blasting in the background!