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Did You Know Water Bottles Could Be The Key To Surviving A Heatwave? Here’s How


Heatwaves suck, and we Maltese are usually no strangers to blistering heat in the summer. This year especially, it’s practically been non-stop heatwaves so far, reaching as high as 40°C. Well, I’ve got something that might interest you.


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For those of you that have been chugging down bottles of ice-cold water, sitting under full-blast AC’s and panting out of open windows like dogs on a car ride, you’re doing it all wrong! What could actually help you out is actually a hot water bottle!



Reading that, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Dave, these heat waves are really faking you out” (very fitting Glass Animals reference for those of you not following), but I’m serious!


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Think of it this way… A hot water bottle is basically a squishy thermos. Just like it’s great at housing boiling hot water and keeping your bed warm, it’s equally as effective at storing freezing-cold water and emitting a nice, cool aura.



It just makes sense! I can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner! Just grab your ‘cold’ water bottle, slap a towel on, and keep it around during the day. Sure, you’ll be dragging around 2 liters of water with you, but just think of it as an added benefit of a free workout!