Did You Know Boo’s Real Name Was Hidden In ‘Monsters, Inc.’ This Entire Time?


Okay, hold up – apparently Monsters, Inc. fans have recently discovered that Boo’s real name has been hidden in the Disney and Pixar movie this ENTIRE time. Now, this I have to know…


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As you probably know – and if you don’t, please take my advice and watch the movie – Monsters, Inc. has been incredibly popular ever since its debut in 2001, with Mike, Sully, and Boo becoming character favourites for GENERATIONS of fans.



And as the story goes, two monsters – Sully and Mike – are employed at the titular energy-producing factory which generates power by scaring children, aka, Monsters, Inc.


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Boo then accidentally enters through the door which leads to the factory, and Sulley and Mike have to find a way to get her back home before it’s too late, but Sully grows attached to her and he calls her ‘Boo’, because – well, she can’t say much else…


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Now two decades have passed since the film came out, yet it took us twenty years to realize that Boo actually writes her name on a piece of paper at one point in the film. Mind? Blown.



If you’re a fellow Monsters, Inc. fan, then you might recall that Boo loves drawing, and just like any other professional artist, she signs her work with her name. So, if you pause the scene where she’s in bed, surrounded by her drawings, you’ll see the name ‘Mary’ written at the top…


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There you have it; Boo’s real name is actually Mary… Am I the only one who feels incredibly stupid for never realising this, or?



But let’s be real, hiding sneaky Easter eggs in their films is just Pixar’s thing. However, most of those usually reference other Pixar films or teasers for an upcoming feature – like when Boo/Mary gives Sulley a clownfish towards the end of the film, hinting at Finding Nemo, which then came out in 2003.


In Monsters, Inc. (2001); Boo tries to give Sulley a Nemo (Finding Nemo (2003)) toy. : MovieDetails


What’s more, the actress who voiced Boo is also called Mary Gibbs. Wow… But I’m curious; did anyone know Boo’s real name is Mary?

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