Did you feel it? Tremor hits Malta

The sentence on everyone’s lips this morning … did you feel it?

A tremor hit Malta and Gozo at around 10.30 pm last night.

The magnitude of the tremor wasn’t that great but it was felt mostly throughout Gozo and some parts of Malta.

The University’s seismic monitoring station measured it at magnitude 3.4.

The Seismic Monitoring and Research Group reported the tremor as having magnitude 3.7.

People from Mellieha, Santa Venera, Qawra, St Paul’s Bay and many more people from the northern areas of Malta took to their social media to comment on the tremor.

It seems like people from the central to southern areas of Malta were not affected.

The tremor seemed to come from parts of South Italy and Sicily and was felt all the way to here.

So tell us, did you feel it?

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