Devoted Kindergarten Teacher And Her Dog Assistant Make Virual Learning Fun


Meet a true teacher’s pet!


When COVID-19 kicked off last year virtual became the norm this Corgi mix graduated from shelter dog to Professor Ginger in record time.


A kindergarten teacher Jessie Bekkedahl from Riverside, California just needed something or someone to keep her young students focused,



“I tell people you haven’t lived until you’ve had a kindergarten Zoom or Google Meet,” Bekkedahl stated.


She explained scenarios where kids show you their pet or put their face way into the screen or just decide to talk about random stuff.


That is when the personable pup she adopted named Ginger became her assistant teacher.


Kindergarten Teacher Works With Her Dog Professor Ginger |


Ginger and her costars Hannah the dog and Axel the cat eagerly jumped paws first into teaching, patiently posing and acting covering lessons about words, letters and shapes.



Like the good student Ginger is, she loves to follow direction and for the trickier times Bekkedahl relies on Ginger’s favourite toy.


Bekkedahl said that when she makes a video where it is interactive where they have to guess along with Ginger, the kids are engaged a lot more.




According to the teacher, the children also think Ginger is super smart.


Thanks to Bekkedahl’s Professor Ginger YouTube page, where she posts the dog’s lessons, the rescue canine has won over a legion of fans.


But Professor Ginger’s top pupils are still Bekkendahl’s kindergarteners.



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