Destiny’s Eurovision Entry is Getting Nothing but Praise

Destiny dropped her Eurovision entry less than 24 hours ago, and the comments on YouTube have been flooding in.

People have got nothing but praise for our ESC entry this year.

Now I’m not trying to hype us up or anything…

It’s only that Sweden tried to do us dirty by choosing three Destinys to harmonise to an ok tune. But what can we say … seems like Destiny’s ‘All of my Love’ is going down well with our fellow European audience.

Now all they need to do is actually vote for us and not their neighbours… but that’s an argument for another day.

So without further ado, here’s what Europe has been saying about Destiny’s ‘All of my Love’.

‘With the right staging, this can go far. In this year’s field, Malta is looking at a top 5 finish.’

Many spoke about how Destiny might be making history this year

‘Destiny is about to make history, isn’t she? She is a winner, her voice is one of the most powerful in the whole history of ESC. The video, the song are high quality. She can win!!! I’m sure she will get the best result ever for Malta. Bravo. I adore her!!!’

‘Will Destiny be the first ever artist to win JESC and ESC? Congratulations Malta, another amazing song! Love from France ❤️🇫🇷’

‘Imagine saying Malta won esc 2020 that’s just crazy. With that said my vote will go to you Malta freaking love this song so much!!’

‘I think Malta is ready for their first win. This is so good.’

And they know we want this bad…

‘Malta are back and they want REVENGE! And they deserve it. I can see Malta winning this time but if not this time, I say in the next 5 years. The quality coming from this country is something else!! Well done and I wish u the best of luck from your island friends in Ireland.’

‘I’ve had legit SHIVERS. This is the best voice that will ever grace the Eurovision stage, and I won’t mind if she wins 🙂 1000 points from Italy’

‘OMG….. This could be Malta’s year!!! Absolutely Outstanding. Best entry I’ve heard so far. This could be a Sigala or Rudimental track. Watch Malta do VERY well or WIN this year.’

‘I guess we are heading to the small island after all.’

And then this comment popped up and floored me because it sounds like a composition we’d write in primary school…

‘I think that with this song Malta can get an excellent position, or even win the contest in Rotterdam. I would love to see Malta hosting the contest someday. Malta is one of my favourite countries; I hope to have the opportunity of visiting that beautiful country someday. Also, I would like to see Malta sending a song in Maltese language. Maltese is a beautiful language. I want to learn it. Good luck and blessings from Costa Rica.’

But I ain’t complaining, it’s cute.

I related to some comments more than others…

“I prefer this than Lithuania and Iceland songs”

… honestly? Same.

And I’ll just end on this note

‘What a song ❤️ What a voice ❤️ What a music Video ❤️ Her Destiny is to win both JESC and Esc I think ❤️❤️ Pure perfection 😍’

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