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Destiny’s ‘All Of My Love’ Music Video Voted as This Year’s Eurovision Favourite

Wiwiblogs have just announced that Destiny’s music video for ‘All Of My Love’ was voted Europe’s favourite out of all Eurovision videos for 2020.

They write:

“So, after binging on all 41 of them a few weeks ago, we asked our readers who had the best music video of Eurovision 2020. We received more than 10,000 votes and the results are now in. With 11.93% (that’s 1,225 votes to be exact), Malta’s Destiny has topped the ranking with her music video for “All Of My Love”.

The Maltese entry was among the bookmakers’ ten favourites to win this year’s competition.

Malta’s music video snatched first place with 11.93% of the votes, which amount to 1,225 votes, to be exact. Following in second place with 985 votes is Armenia’s ‘Chains on You’.

We still don’t know whether Destiny will be the one representing us in 2021, but let’s just put it this way…

If she’s not, I think it’s safe to say Malta will be very, very angry.

YAAAAS Destiny!