Designs revealed for Malta’s tallest skyscraper

Plans for Malta’s latest skyscraper have been revealed.

The proposed 112 metre-high tower in St Julian’s will become the country’s tallest building.

Named Mercury Tower, the 31-storey giant will be around 15 metres higher than the nearby Portomaso Tower.

Zaha Hadid Architects revealed the designs after being commissioned to renovate the site of the former Telemalta building.

The 24,500 square metre tower will contain residential apartments on the lower nine floors.

Hotel rooms are proposed on the upper 19 storeys – with a distinctive twist separating the building’s two functions.

A spokesman for the architect firm said: ‘Conceived as two volumes stacked vertically, the tower incorporates a realignment that expresses the different functions within.

‘Working with Malta’s leading conservation architect, these heritage structures will be renovated as integral parts of the new development, restoring the old Mercury House facades and reinstating its remaining historic interiors as gathering spaces and entrance for the apartments and hotel.’

The old Mercury House dates back to 1903.

The London-based architects said they plan to ‘reinvigorate’ the derelict building by including the original facade along with two underground vaults built during the Cold War.

They added: ‘Restoring the facades of the old Mercury House to their original height enables this heritage structure to be read as a whole.

‘The new development lands behind these renovated facades, defining the original Mercury House as the focus of a new public piazza.’

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