Deserted Valletta: Weird, Eerie, Surreal, Beautiful!

Local photographer Justin Ciappara has just uploaded some gorgeous photos following a stroll which he made at Valletta as everyone was observing the instructions of the health authorities.

When we think of Valletta, we think of it as bustling, full of life, people walking in and out, people eating, people meeting for a drink. Some see Valletta as their workplace, or as the place where people go to for last-minute Christmas Shopping.

Well, this was not the case yesterday, at around 9pm, when Justin took the photos below, which he gave us permission to use. Justin also spoke to Bay about this eerie experience. More in the photo captions!


“It was so quiet, it’s kind of unnatural. I could hear the sound of the Tritoni Fountain from the middle of Republic Street”



“It’s a nice feeling, because it was quiet, but I am really not used to it!”



“On the other hand, it was perfect for photos!”




“Although it was very weird, it did feel a bit nice to not have to wait for people to pass by to take the photos”





And finally, though technically not Valletta…




Well, what can we say. Great work Justin! In the meantime, those of you reading this, keep yourself safe, and clean, always – and don’t panic.

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